Having a baby is great motivation for cutting out toxic relationships

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I'm 30, I just had my first child, and I'm ready to be free of my stepmom's covert narcissism, or maybe she just has fleas from dealing with her OWN narcissist stepmom when she was young. WHO KNOWS. But either way, she has chosen to perpetuate the cycle. I am choosing to stand up for myself. She didn't cut off contact with her stepmom until her father died.  She even let the woman come around and mistreat her granddaughter. Not I.

I've been laying my boundaries down for a few years, but she's been stomping them like never before now that I have a baby, and especially with COVID to get in the way of her trying to control everything.

Anyways, so happy to have found this site and this forum. I'm going to go post my gigantic vent on the Parents subsection now lol.



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Welcome! What a good decision to break the cycle! You will find a lot of support and information on this site. See you around on the boards.
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