"Crappy Friends" podcast

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"Crappy Friends" podcast
« on: June 23, 2021, 12:17:50 AM »
I saw the "Crappy Friends" podcast mentioned in a thread on this forum a few days back.

I have been listening to it while working.  I am really enjoying it.

I find it reassuring that my perspective on the "friendships" and story details are shared by others.  That my red flag radar is accurate.

I also enjoy analyzing myself against the examples given.  It's nice to have an entertaining way to get a non pd review of one's self.

I have been able to hear a couple things that I could be weak about.  A watch myself for that, good/ needed reminder sort of thing.

It's not intense but a good cross spectrum of things to be mindful of.

Some of the letters they read sound like stories from here, I have to chuckle at them inside while thinking yep, PD there.