New to this forum. Ex was abusive and my family has a history of mental illness

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Hi All! 

Did a google search for narcissistic abuse forums and here I am. 

I am finding that I am still grappling with the emotional abuse I experienced from my most recent ex.  I've dated a couple of people in the past that I suspected had NPD but I wasn't with them for very long. This past person really did a number on me and I was already in a fairly low place with my depression when I got close to them.
Still seeking answers as to how I was vulnerable to their particular style and many other questions.


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Welcome.  I'm new here as well.


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  • You can be free and heal ❤️‍🩹
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Warm welcome and as you settle in check out the toolbox. Thatís where the best info is collected and organized to begin your journey Out of the FOG. Wishing you peace as you put your individual puzzle together and begin to heal
∑ Every interaction w/ PD persons results in damage-plan accordingly, make time to heal
∑ Individuation is one key to emotional freedom
∑ It's foolish to expect of others what they have no capacity to give
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