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« on: October 12, 2007, 10:25:11 PM »
A very warm welcome to the WORKING on US forum!

In this corner of Out of the FOG, we've provided a place for folks to work on issues relating to our own emotional self-work. This can include our experiences in therapy, new insights about codependency, our personality traits, depression, anger, stress, trust & intimacy issues, or any other topics pertaining to US and OUR continuing life questions.

All too often, we as Nons can tend to get stuck in hyperfocus on the minutiae of the personality disorders of our loved ones, and in doing so, neglect the self-examination that is the best-proven way to help us move out of long-time emotional ruts and patterns; patterns that might keep us locked in unhealthy dynamics with Borderline loved ones -- or others in our lives.

You might also be interested in checking out some of the books and resources listed here:

A page on our website Toolbox devoted to ideas for Working on Ourselves:

A list of recommended books about Working on Ourselves:

Book review board:

Whether you are in any kind of relationship with someone with a personality disorder, have ended that relationship, or are simply interested in working on your own personal growth in any context, please feel free to post here and share the insights and ideas that have worked for you. The goal here is to share information that will help all of us in the quest to move forward and grow as emotionally healthy adults.

Any topic is welcome, as long as the focus stays on us as Nons and not just on the mechanics of the disorder as it's expressed in our loved ones. If you have questions & issues pertaining to understanding your loved ones better, please post them in the many other forums  here provided for that purpose.

This is OUR space, let's use it productively for our mutual benefit!

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