Podcast - Cold

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Podcast - Cold
« on: November 18, 2020, 01:36:34 PM »
This is an in-depth investigation of Josh Powell and the disappearance of his wife Susan.

It’s a very long and in-depth series but I think it falls under essential listening for anyone in a PD relationship as well as anyone who knows someone in a PD relationship.

It uses recordings and journals of the two. It’s absolutely chilling.  There are so many giant waving PD flags in Josh starting from his early dating days. I saw many flags that I too ignored in dating partners.

His father is a true piece of work and there is an episode where they delve into how Susan’s sons were being “groomed” by Josh and his father. It really demonstrates how things like abuse truly are inter generational. One of my non-negotiables with serious dating partners is that they must have a solid relationship with their FOO or be in therapy and have a solid plan for not letting FOO issues impact our relationship. This podcast reinforced that boundary for me.

Much like the Chris Watts documentary on Netflix you hear his wife excusing PD and abusive behavior over and over. I heard Susan saying many of the same things I said about my own marriage.

To me it really hit home how much women as young girls are socialized to accept abuse and poor treatment as simply a normal part of a relationship. We excuse so much on a daily basis.

Listening to the interviews with the police was very frustrating. It mirrored my experience with my ex. The laws simply are not there to protect the victim.

So many people claimed not to see anything but they went on to describe a host of abusive behaviors. They just saw them as “normal” husband and wife stuff. No one, including the police want to get involved.

My take away from this is once again how easy it is for men to get away with killing women and then smearing them afterwards. How quickly people believe the smears. As if after everything we learn about this deeply religious woman from her very own personal journals that she never thought anyone would read, that she’s been having sexual contact and flirting with her father in law or planning to run off to Brazil with a neighbor.

It was disturbing to listen to how Josh controlled all the money even though she made more than he did. How she struggled to put food on the table but he had a garage full of tools. I went without for most of my marriage. I never had anything that wasn’t on sale. My ex had everything he wanted. At one point we could only afford one cell phone so he got it. I accepted this like it was perfectly acceptable for me to be making all the money and all the sacrifices.

I have for years said that I’m thankful I made it out of my marriage alive. I listen to stories like that and it makes me even more sure that given the chance my ex would have killed me.


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Re: Podcast - Cold
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2020, 05:13:49 PM »
OMG OOTF. Your last sentence just chilled me to the bone.  What courage you have my dear ❤️

I did DV work with the Police 25 years ago and some of the women that our team was supporting were murdered in the 9 months that I was there.  Just horrific.
It gets better. It has to.