Keep on keeping on

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Keep on keeping on
« on: November 18, 2020, 06:44:19 PM »
My mom and most of my family has cut me off....and continues to do so.   That's ok.   Though, had an interesting interaction with a friend of my brother's post election.   My brother is a Trumpet....I'm not.   Not, that any of that matters.    My brother estranged himself from one of his friends.   A guy who has come for family dinners, back when we met for those.   He messaged me asking what I thought of the election.   He assumed that I was also a Trump supporter.      I correct him and we had a chat, caught up.   Eventually, he pressed me.....did you really file a court order to evict your mother from your home?, I did not.   It'd be public record if I did...but no.     
He let me know that my mother now is living in her own apartment....something I tried to make happen.   I'm still the scapegoat, but my brother made it happen.    I'm glad for him.   Though, I'm still so bad, that he's not willing to speak with me.  I'm blocked.    Probably for the best.