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« on: October 12, 2007, 10:30:21 PM »
More than any other section here, "Chosen Relationships" is a potpourri.
We have people in friendships, dating situations, and marriages.
Many people are committed, some aren't sure, and others are on the brink of separation.

We are all here to support each other, but we ask that you please refrain from telling people to "RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!" immediately, especially if you're new to Out of the FOG yourself. We understand you're hurting and raw, but everyone needs to choose his/her own path, and such sentiments only work to polarize. It's a delicate balance, as most of us are so used to being patient and trying to change ourselves. And part of getting through these situations is recognizing your anger and perhaps going to another extreme.

In short, we'd like this section to be focused on working through issues dealing with chosen relationships, rather than a dumping ground for anger and hurt. Please help us keep Out of the FOG as supportive, welcoming and productive a place as possible.

Useful Links:

http://www.outofthefog.net/Relationships/Chosen.html Main Page on our Website dedicated to "Chosens". 

http://www.outofthefog.net/Books.html Recommended books for those in chosen relationships.

http://www.outofthefog.net/Links.html#ChosenLinks Links to useful information for those in chosen relationships.

http://www.outofthefog.net/CommonBehaviors.html Descriptions of Common Behaviors of people who suffer from Personality Disorders.

http://www.outofthefog.net/CommonNonBehaviors/Toolbox.html Toolbox for Non PD's - people who are in a relationship with someone who suffers from a personality disorder.
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